How Travel Changed My life

The Hungry Fatty

Ever find yourself simply exhausted from everything? Felt like you needed a break?

We can only handle so much stress from our day to day activities. The mere thought of waking up every morning to just drag yourself to report to work, to attend class, to see your superior or your professor which makes you want to tell yourself: “I quit, I need a vacation”.  You know you can’t quit but you can still get a vacation.

sunset Malapascua Island Cebu The province of Cebu, known for its beautiful islands & white sand. Sunset at Malapascua, Cebu

So you do exactly just that. You look up the next inexpensive DIY travel tour on Facebook, you renew your expired passport for a trip across the country or maybe you check out any seat sale on Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, Skyjet, and Philippine Airlines. Better yet, maybe tour with some of the travel agencies like Traveloka PH. Whatever…

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I moved to my new home!

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Take a Break in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Adulthood is stressful if you just work and work all day. Sometimes, you need to escape from the city stress and get a breather to maintain your sanity. So my circle of friends decided to unwind somewhere in north – Bolinao, Pangasinan.

We joined an organized small travel group we found on Facebook and we rode a van with a travel time of 5 to 6 hours (we departed from Starmall EDSA at 12mn). As we arrived at the town proper, we took a quick breakfast and proceeded to the first stop – Bolinao Falls 1.

Entrance to Bolinao Falls 1

Unfortunately, we ran out of luck and rain poured so bad that the beauty we expect did not shine. But we still appreciate the fact that the falls is elegant as it shows, imagining that the rain didn’t come and the sun-rays reflecting through the blue-coral waters.


My friend wanna be like ‘labandera’ (laundrywoman)

But overall, it was a nice experience to feel the breeze.


Our next destination is the Bolinao Falls 2 but because of the rain, we didn’t really go that far. Instead, we enjoyed the landscape and the scenery.

The next one is exciting because I was mesmerized by its beauty and I’m sure that you’ll be enchanted as well by the waters of the Enchanted Cave.

The Enchanted cave with 9 ft. deep water

Sorry, this is the nicest photo that we have because we don’t have a water-proof camera so it’s kinda ‘epic fail’. But anyway, I thought that there are flying bats in there but luckily there is none. The water is cold with the depth of 9 ft. they say, and the stone formations above and below are very pointed and sharp so you should be extra careful to avoid injury. Nevertheless, this is really a wonderful experience.

While it was all fun and exciting, it was tiring indeed. So we took a break and had our lunch at Sungayan Grill. It is a floating restaurant, how awesome is that?!

Panorama of the floating restaurant.

Kidding aside, they serve mouth-watering seafood and grilled meat and the serving is very generous in a boodle fight style.

Boodle fight: crab, shrimp, calamares, liempo and some mixed veggies.

After we had a full meal, we headed to our second-to-the-last destination, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. The lighthouse stands about 100 m tall and was built by the Americans in 1903. Quite old. There is also an abandoned building which I believe was used as refuge area, not sure though.

Last but not the least, the Patar Beach! Yey!!! We go to the beach!


Patar beach is probably famous for its fine and somewhat creamy white sand. As I stepped on it, it feels so soft and it devours my feet when waves come splashing through. Can’t help but to think that the sand is like ‘Coffee-mate’


It has been a wonderful experience to be in a paradise in a short while. And it is always fun if you go with your travel buddies, no dull moments at all. This is definitely a place to go to enjoy. What did you think about Bolinao, Pangasinan? Share your thoughts below. Have a wonderful day!